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Bike link San Biagio di Callalta Fagarè - first shred, San Biagio di Callalta-TV
Renovation Villa Chiminelli-Presotto in the historical centre of Treviso, Treviso - Lungosile
Seismic adaptation of the primary school Ottaviano Augusto in the historical centre of Concordia Sagittaria, Concordia Sagittaria - VE
The county road 160 in the municipality of Cordignano, privincia di Treviso - Veneto
Construction of the new dryer, silos and installation of plants, municipality of Musile di Piave - VE
Sports Centre of via Argine San Marco - covering the existing multi-purpose plate, Musile di Piave  -VE
Completion for the accommodation and securing of Via XXIX Aprile - excerpt A and B., Musile di Piave - VENETO
Accommodation of the seafront Petronia and construction of the connection with the seafront Venezia aimed at the demolition of the architectural barriers, Caorle - VENEZIA
Intervention of recovery of the old cemetery of Caorle, Caorle - VENEZIA
Accommodation of the area outside the former farm Chiggiato, next headquarters of the Museum of Archaeology of the Sea, Promotion center agricultural products and new seat of municipal police and tourism promotion, Caorle - VENICE
Realization of the sewers of via Altinate, of the Tombotto, of Via San Pietro and the resection of the Canale delle Basse, Concordia Sagittaria - VE
A4 Motorway - Improvements to the safety standards on the motorway - reconfiguration of the road section between Progr. Km 0+000 (Exit Mestre east) and Prog. Km 3+100 (Alemagna hub/A4-A27) Three-lane road, Venezia Mestre - VENETO
West bypass of the Mestre Lane - use the emergency lane as third driving lane - completion, Mestre - VENEZIA
Intervention redevelopment of roads and roads (L.S.) of the municipal territory, comune di CAVALLINO-TREPORTI

Renovation of public lighting lines, Caorle - VENICE
Intervention of adjustment at the S. Felice complex in Via Genova for the transfer of the nursery school S. Rosso, Vicenza-VI
Bike link San Biagio di Callalta Fagarè - second and third shred, San Biagio di Callalta-TV
Complementary works to the Mestre bypass - Int. 1 - 4 - 8 - 8bis - 9, Mira for the Dolo - VE
Realization of the new nursery and kindergarten of the municipality of Paese, Paese - TV
Connection between the S.P. 83 and the S.P. 55, Noventa di Piave
Roadworks of roads, bike lanes, parking in the municipal territory of Arcade, Arcade - TV
Seismic checks of municipal buildings, Musile di Piave - VE
Realization of the new junction of Palmanova and variant of the S.S. N. 352  "Di Grado " - Lot 2: From S.S. N. 352 to N. 14, Cervignano del Friuli - Friuli Venezia Giulia
Seismic adaptation of the middle school and gym K. Wojtyla, Cavarese Santa Croce - PD
Seismic adaptation of the school E. Toti, Musile di Piave - VE
Mooring dolphins project, Arsenale di Venezia - VE
Construction of jetties at the service of the user system Basso Piave, Noventa, Fossalta, San Dona ', Musile di Piave, Eraclea and Jesolo - VE
Seismic adaptation of prefabricated property to commercial destination, San Donà di Piave - VE
Programme agreement for the territorial redevelopment of the piedmont area between Vedelago and Montebelluna - Variant at S.P. 19, provincia di Treviso - VENETO
Creation of river landings along the Livenza, Caorle - VENEZIA
Remake intervention of some roads and sidewalks in the municipal territory, Caorle - VENICE
Extension of San Giorgio di Livenza cemetery, Caorle - VENEZIA
Extension Caorle cemetery, Caorle - VENICE

Construction new directional building, renovation of buildings 42 and 46, Porto di Scomenzera - VENEZIA
West bypass of Mestre - use the emergency lane as third driving lane, Mestre - VENEZIA
Arrangement of two Crossroads of the S.P. 4  "Pedeguarda" respectively in correspondence with the old base of the S.P. 4 and with the S.P. 36  "Del combi " through the construction of two roundabouts, provincia di Treviso-VENETO
Renovation of the small square in front of the Church of the hamlet of Chiesanuova, San Donà di Piave - VE
Rotational arrangement of the intersection between S.P. 57 and S.P. 59 in the centre of the district of Candelù (Maserada), Provincia di Treviso - VENETO
Renovation and extraordinary maintenance of sidewalks in  the district n.8 - Area centrale Campalto 2° lotto (2002) - Completamento, Campalto - VENEZIA
Recalibration curves in Varago (Maserada), Provincia di Treviso-VENETO
Ovest Bypass of Mestre - environmental mitigation project, Mestre - VENEZIA
Construction of two duplex residential buildings, Torre di Mosto - VE
Enlargement of the elementary School of Sindacale, Concordia Sagittaria - VE
Works for the safety of the A27 and A4 grafts - Tangenziale di Mestre (Delegate for the socio-economic-environmental emergency of the Mestre road network)
S. P. 92  "Delle Grave" - road works of crossing accomodation with via Saltore in locality of Varago (Maserada), Provincia di Treviso-VENETO
Created by Emma Taverna, Martino Zaratin, Aurora Colla, Zeno Sirbu
Galleria Progresso 11/3
30027 San Donà di Piave (VE)
tel. +39 0421330926    +39 04211840073
fax. +39 04211840073    +39 1782246542
Galleria Progresso 11/3
30027 San Donà di Piave (VE)
tel. +39 0421330926    +39 04211840073
fax. +39 04211840073    +39 1782246542

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